Friday, June 30, 2006

Evanston, June 30

All the way to the wall, first full swim of the season. Today the sky was sunny, still a bit cool early in the morning, but the water was about the same, 66 near the beach, 65 by the wall, and very clear. We could see the bottom the whole way, which isn't saying much as sand has come in and the whole route is shallower. Except for a few ripples the water was perfectly flat going out. By the time we headed back a south breeze had developed and we could feel the wind and small waves in our face. Nonetheless, a great swim. By the time we were back it was starting to cloud over, so we considered having our coffee on the beach and going home. But by the time we were ready to leave the sun was out again so we ended up staying another hour or so. Some of the fun was gone as, being legal this year, we did not have to evade the briefcase, who dutifully made his appointed rounds. Lots of kids on the beach who seemed to want to play where ever we were sitting. But a pleasant beach day anyway.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Evanston, June 27

Cool weather, high waves, reports of cold water, summer colds, biking, and preparation for the 1500 swim (I bested last year's time, thank you for asking), kept me from the lake. Mike swam a few times, but did not get excited enough to drag me along. Finally today, intrigued by newspaper reports that the Lake was around 70, I called Mike early and suggested we go. It was mostly cloudy, air in lower 70's and the water was gray from above as well as from within, in fact it was hard to tell where the horizon was, fortunately we were swimming and not flying a small plane. But there were only light swells and the water was 65 (not 70) which was quite nice once we got in. Only halfway today, and I was glad I had already warmed up in the pool before coming because of lingering stiffness from the race. After the swim the sun came out a little and it was pleasant on the beach. We were leaving when the guards arrived, but Mike has tokens this year anyway so we will miss the fun of hasseling them.