Friday, October 02, 2015

Evanston, Friday, October 2

Since Big Shoulders each weekend has been worse than the last, so we have not gone to the beach. Yesterday Jody went to Evanston to check out reports of big waves. She took the following pictures:

Note that normally this lifeguard chair sits about 15 feet from the water line. Today I intended to swim indoors but my pool, usually a pleasant 77, degrees was 87 so I couldn't swim much. Since I was partway to the lake I decided to go see for myself. I didn't have my camera but Jody's pictures suffice. The East wind was so strong I had to take off my hat, with the air in the lower 50's it was cold. Fortunately I was wearing convertible pants so I took off the legs and went a little way into the surf. I was afraid to lose my watch so we will have to go with my body's estimate, at least 60 but probably not much above that. The sand in and out of the beach area was very windblown. I walked a little way south of the beach on Sheraton Road, at one place the sand from the beach had blown over the sidewalk and made a little dune. At several other locations the spray from the waves came over the sidewalk and onto the road. On the south side of the south wall of our beach the waves reached the top of the wall. Anyway no swimming this weekend, we are probably done for the year.