Monday, August 04, 2014

Evanston, August 4

Conditions where probably excellent yesterday but I prefer not lake swimming consecutive days. Jody and I agreed tentatively to swim Evanston sometime this week. Sunday afternoon Jody sent me an urgent email suggesting that Monday would also be good. Unfortunately I did not get her email until late, after she had gone to bed, but agreed that Monday would be the best day of the week. Fortunately she did check her email first thing in the morning and was outside my house at 5:50 AM.

Conditions were about perfect, warmish air, hazy sun, crystal clear and mirror flat water around 66 degrees plus or minus a few tenths depending on location. We did a wall to wall swim.

We did notice more than the usual amount of algae on the bottom, but none floating. The recent news out of Toledo OH about toxic Lake Erie algae blooms has given us some concern, but our Lake seems still OK. With all the new algae growth we were, however, surprised not to see a single fish, although we did smell some.