Saturday, September 16, 2017

Evanston September 16

The Lake keeps changing. We expected something worse but today there were 1 foot trochoidal waves. (I have described these in previous posts.) By the beach and out in the open water they were quite tame, especially if you don't accidentally swim directly into one needing a breath. But out by the North wall they had churned up the water into soft 3ft chop. The water was balmy 68.6 and the air was quite warm with a hot sun going towards the upper 80's later today. So it was actually pleasant, Jody and I lollygagged for 15 minutes or so just enjoying the ride. Back at the south wall it was fairly calm again but we could see it was rougher on the other side. So we investigated. Strangely it was not nearly as rough as below the the North wall. But we felt warmer. In fact it was, I recorded the first Lake temperature above 70, actually 70.2, since early August. We were later today so it was almost 9 by the time we left, there was already a bunch of people at the beach to enjoy this, possibly last, beautiful beach day of the year.