Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ohio St, June 23

Jody and I are pushing the season, there will be a large segment of July and August were one of us will be unavailable. Conditionso today were hard to predict. We had a week of very hot weather, then a cold rainy week of East winds. This should setb up some warm water. But the finally repaired Wilmette buoy said 58 there. We bet Ohio St would be warmer but we had to find out.

It was. 63.4 was my reading. Being as I was coming off 90 degree water in Jamaica, and both of us have been swimming in an 85 degree pool, this felt cold. Later in the summer this temperature with light chop would be almost ideal. Today we swam to Chicago Ave and back and called it a day. But later we felt very good and ready to come back.