Sunday, September 18, 2016

Big Shoulders Redux, September 17

We, Jody, Joe, Kevin and I wanted to swim Evanston but Jody noticed that the reported water temperature recorded at the Wilmette buoy was dropping quickly overnight. This temp is not very accurate but it doesn't usually drop like this. So off we went to trusty Ohio St beach were the conditions were virtually identical to last week's race. The water was a slightly cooler 70. There were several places where the water was glass smooth, unlike last week's low chop, but this could be from the the fact that hardly anyone was swimming.

However when we went we around the curve we could already feel it getting colder. I measured 68. So it would not be surprising if it was much Cole in Evanston. We later found that as close as the Chicago crib it was 57 just a little later in the morning.