Monday, September 18, 2017

Evanston, September 18

We started out this summer slowly, but we are now catching up. There were a variety of reasons for not visiting the Lake early, but the September warm up, Jody's retirement and the lack of good pool options has put us on the lake 3 days a week lately.

Today we were back again in hard waves again, 2-3 feet with a short period at the beginning. We opted to just swim halfway because of the waves and the chop on top of them. I felt like I was drowning one drop at a time as I ingested a bit of water in my nose each time I came up for air swimming against the waves on the way out. The way back was better and we went to the wall. The wind was blowing almost straight along the wall so it was the same on both sides. I was somewhat surprised that there was no rip current at all. By the time we got back to the beach it seemed much calmer than it was when we started out. Jody tried to convince me it just seemed that way since we had been out in it. But the Wilmette Buoy data backed me, at about the time we went in the wave height started down and the period increased so it was better. The sun was out and the water was 68.0 uniformly so at least the water felt pleasant.