Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ohio Street, June 30

After our success yesterday at Evanston one might think we would go back today. But due to a downtown appointment for Jody later this morning and the willingness of Joe to drive we headed for Ohio Street. I was not overly excited about this thinking crowds and heat etc. But I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike yesterday's turbulence the water was pool smooth. And the millennials haven't yet discovered 6 AM on the clock so there were relatively few swimmers, we could still find nearby parking and a locker. The big change I noticed was the number of older swimmers with floats. Apparently it is now macho to practice open water using a float in addition to your wetsuit.

The water was a nice 68-69 and while the air was hot, it was not yet oppressive. We had a pleasant swim to the curve and back without, even near, collisions finishing around 7:30. By then the new phenomena of a crowd of open water swimmers was gathering and we boogied out of there.