Monday, June 16, 2014

June 14: A new season starts.

I will probably not be in the Lake until later this summer due to some recent surgery. I am pool swimming but slowly and not far at one time. I hope to be in the Lake mid July.

However Joe, who I have mentioned in the past, will be swimming Big Shoulders with one of his sons this year and, on my recommendation, they did go to Ohio St June 14. It was expected to be 62 and flat, which from Joe's report seems about right. It felt very cold to them, 62 is a lot colder early in the season than later when we are more used to Lake temperatures. But having braved "carmageddon" getting to the loop they pushed onward, swimming to about Chicago ave and back.

Leo, from the past, also went in over the weekend at Beverly Shores IN and reported 62 degrees.