Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ohio Street, June 24, 2017

The Lake has been calling, lots of hot weather. Jody have been busy and new reporting of Lake temperatures based on satellite information has been not quite creditable. Although air temperatures were forecast to be in the low 60's this morning everything else looked good -- full sun, not too much wind, water temps 64-67 projected -- we decide to go and at least verify the water temperature readings. Much of the construction at Ohio St seems done although the bicycle flyover is not yet open and something is going on near Chicago Ave. Parking was good on Ontario St by the lake at 6:30 AM, not so great at 8. One bummer is that someone was shot in the underpass to the Lake recently so the underpass will be locked until 6AM, at least to day it was opened well before we got there at 6:30. The beach was crowded with wetsuiters, maybe too crowded for our tastes.

The water felt cold getting in, but that is expected for our first swim, especially since we have been swimming in an 85 degree pool. We swam to the quarter mile buoy and a check of the water temperature revealed 61.4 degrees, which confirmed that the satellite estimates were too generous, but was not awful. We decide that was enough for a first day and came back. As we swam back it seemed to be getting warmer and near shore the water was 63.6. So not bad at all for June and a good start to the season.