Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ohio Street, July 15, 2017

Today Jody was not available so I went down with Joe. Conditions were much better, full sun water was 67 by shore and 68 at the curve. This is my first full (mile or more) lake swim this summer and I felt much better than expected. Maybe the 1500 helped my lake stroke. The water was flat with chop near the beach but morphed into 2 ft waves by the curve. The biggest problem is avoiding hitting other swimmers in this crowded spot. And the construction all along the shore path did not help the ambiance. The upgrading of this spot is somewhat ironic since a plan was floated this week to fill in this spot as well as Oak street and North Avenue beach to widen Lake Shore Drive. Joe assured me not to worry, even if this happens it won't be in my lifetime.

Ohio Street, July 8, 2017

I sat this one out since I was going to race a 1500 in a pool the next day. Jody was also in that race but she opted to do a lake swim anyway. As it turned out she did very well in the 1500 and I did not so maybe a poor decision on my part. Here is her report

Joe and I met on Ontario - he pulled up just as I put my parking ticket on my dashboard. It was chilly and very breezy as we walked towards the lake. There were waves breaking over the breakwater (hmmm...) and it was very choppy inside the harbor area - waves from the northeast echoing back out after hitting the wall. I wished we had had your thermometer! the water was a perfect temperature - but very rough to swim in. We made it to the buoy by the curve, and there we encountered swells of 2-4 ft. Coming back in we made much better time, but we were both pretty wiped out. I am hoping the wave action will be easier tomorrow morning!