Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Yu's Harbor, September 18

After yesterday's very nice, but short, swim I wanted to get back today and see if we could catch a last bit of this weather pattern for another beautiful swim. But yesterday didn't last. Early this morning a strong north wind picked up churning the water into windblown waves. By shore the waves were only a foot or so, but had a very short wavelength. But in deeper water the waves were bigger, averaging about 2.5 feet with the occasional 4 footer, but they also had somewhat larger wavelengths. We did a lot of breaststroke and the size of the waves was very apparent. However, for me at least, swimming crawl into the waves I have little up and down sensation. It was more a matter of judging when to breathe. Since I usually breathe every stroke I can afford to miss some breaths when at the peak of a wave with my head under water because the next stroke would be in a trough where I could get some air. Usually Jody is a much faster swimmer than me over longer distances but I was keeping up with her up wind. As a former swim coach she attributes that to bad form that just happens to be an advantage swimming into waves. Coming back, not so much as I have trouble keeping straight.

We had a bit more time this morning but I was in a little rush so we only went to Yu's harbor again, but we did lollygag a bit there enjoying lying on our backs and being rocked. There were varying clouds, mostly low lying, and only a bit of sun. Water was between 70 and 71, really quite comfortable, especially while swimming hard. And once again the Lake reminded us not to take it for granted.

Postscript: We didn't realize how close we got to the moon. We were swimming by Yu Darvish's house. Yu's ex-wife is Saeko. Saeko's ex-boyfriend is Maezawa. Maezawa is scheduled to be the first private space traveler on Musk's Big F***ing Rocket to circle the moon.