Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Evanston, September 4

Would have gone Saturday 9/1 but it looked like storms were coming when Joe and I checked at 5:30. As it turned out they were coming but didn't get to Ohio st until 9 so we missed an opportunity. More storms threatened Labor day. I tried for the last day of the pool, Joe guessed lake and he won while I was high and dry.

Today dawned warm and sunny this time I chose Lake. I checked the buoy and it said 68. So I brought warm gear but not my warmest. Stepping in the water this did not feel like 68, but maybe I got soft with all the warm water recently. After I had swum far enough to get a reading I looked at my watch and it said 58. Since my thermometer works it's way down to the correct figure this meant no more than 58. I forced myself to swim 30 minutes near the beach to get my body back in cold water shape, then changed quickly and jumped in my car with the heat on, raced to the first Dunkin Donuts for hot coffee and managed to ward off any real hypothermia. Evanston has always been an outlier for cold inversion water and hopefully this will be the case this week.