Saturday, July 28, 2018

Yu's Harbor, July 26

An almost perfect July morning. Clear, sunny and 68 degrees at 6:30 AM. The lake had long 1 to 2 foot smooth swells. Seems easy, and mostly it was but the longer the wavelength the more energy in the wave. So these seemingly benign waves could pack a punch and move you around, especially near shore where the breaks were larger than the wave height. The water temp was 71 so we had the unusual situation where the air was colder than the water. Jody actually got cold. I had predicted colder water than we actually had and had a neoprene cap so I was toasty. We did a wall to wall swim and came out happy. The recent weather has brought a lot of 2 inch rocks to shore at the middle of the beach making entry and exit hard, but for some reason there were none up and down from there, so it was easy to avoid.

It seemed like such a great beach day I mentioned to Jody that I wished we were retired so we could spend the whole day lounging around the beach. She reminded me that we were retired but that our day was already scheduled with lots of projects around our homes. So we reluctantly left.