Saturday, July 07, 2018

Evanston, July 7

On the 4th conditions appeared ideal in Evanston but we defered to Joe since he is partial to Ohio St. Since Jody and I have diverging summer plan this may be our last Lake swim together for some time, so we really wanted to go to Evanston, especially since Joe was not available. But the weather has not cooperated, for example the lake has cooled down somewhat and the air more so and yesterday there 4th foot waves. Overnight the waves were subsiding and early this morning they were in the 2 or 3 foot range by the buoy. So we came.

The waves were around 3 feet when we came. The 66 degree water was fine. So with some difficulty we got to the far wall. I suggested trying for the near wall. But the going was harder, which was strange since the waves were from the northeast. So when we got to the beach we bailed and came home.

We felt good anyway, it was such a relief to not being pounded by waves that we should be able to cope with whatever the rest of the brought.