Thursday, September 20, 2018

Yu's Harbor, September 20

Very surreal. After a pleasant start to the week we had big waves from North winds. This weekend we should see SW winds which should cool down not only the air but also the water. Today was supposed to be a stormy transition. But we noticed that the wind had died down along with the wave height while the air and water continues to be warm. So we went for what may have been the last warm swim. But things were surreal, smooth swells in a checkerboard pattern rather than linear waves. Jody even observed that the waves looked like the fake waves in old war movies. A strange cloud pattern with a sun struggling to come out. An eerie lack of wind. We didn't so much as swim as to vertically traverse much of the distance from the to the wall and back. Today, unlike Monday and Tuesday, we were in no hurry and just taking in the weird vibes. By the time we got to Yu's house on the way back we noticed a change, wind, ripples on the waves and looking behind us was a rainstorm chasing us. We swam fast back to the beach, raced through our changing and headed for the car, expecting to get drenched. But it never did rain on land.

Later in the day the clouds dissipated and it got hot. But more challenges await if we come back this weekend.