Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Yu's Harbor, September 25

Nice swim for a rainy day. There was a localized storm over my house when we left, it put quite a lot of rain down in my neighborhood. The storm followed us to the Lake, but we were able to cover our stuff and get in the water before it rained. It only lasted a few minutes and any rain that got on us washed off in the lake. Although it remained mostly cloudy, we never did actually see the sun, it was pleasant, Lake and air were about 68 degrees. From the shore the lake looked flat but in the water there was a definite 1 ft. swell, smooth by the beach but choppy near the far wall. We swam to the wall, but lollygagged back. I never put on my goggles the whole way. But we were just enjoying being on the Lake, possibly for the last time at Evanston this season as conditions are expected to get much worse tonight.