Wednesday, October 05, 2016

PostScript: 2016 season, October 5.

Jody emailed me with Lake conditions for today, she thought it might be swimmable. But she wasn't able to go, so I took my dog to the beach anyway, unfortunately he doesn't swim. It probably was swimmable, there was a strong south wind but the water was 61.6 and at the beach the waves, 1-2 feet, did not seem so fierce. However, on the south side of the wall conditions were quite rough with waves more in the 3-4 foot range banging into the wall. A half way swim would not be out of the question, although the swim back would be tough.

The beach was mostly deserted, no other dogs, birds or geese so my non-swimming dog was bored. So we took a walk along Sheridan Rd to the next park. He thought this was much more fun. I put my dog, he's relatively small, on a flat rock by the Lake so he could see the waves breaking below him and he liked that. The Lake seemed rougher from this vantage point.