Monday, September 17, 2018

September 17, Yu's harbor, Evanston

Jody, Joe and I were supposed to go to Ohio St on the 15th but Joe and I bailed out for various reasons, mine was a bad allergic reaction to the algae possibly augmented by a cold. Jody went with husband Bill who didn't swim but followed her on the wall taking pictures. At least she did not feel like she was swimming alone.

Today I'm better so we did a quick trip to Evanston, she needed to be back early. So we swam to Yu's harbor and back at, for me, race pace. At 72.4 this might be a new September record for the water temperature. The water was not still but smooth and the air was in the 70's even at 6:30 AM with light winds and puffy clouds. We wish we had time to stay later for one of the nicest ever Lake swims.